Tamara Willems

where is the light…

When one cat
and two of the dogs have me up
way, way before the sun
where most wearily, one is called
to begin a day, not yet dawning
you might then ask yourself, Where
is the light?

when yesterday’s stench of decomposing
misogynistic infirmity
wafting up from south of the border
has one spitting bullets instead of
smelling the roses
you might then come again to the garden and wonder
Mmm-hmmm, where
is the light?

well I can tell you, just where it can

if you were to come into the garden
feeling… not quite the despair, but maybe the
disappointment in the failures of mankind
who most willingly have dropped this
surname, in pursuit of wielding false powers
and you were to sit for a time
in quiet refection,
before your very eyes
you would begin to notice…

the light comes in the silent swish of tadpole tails
gathering in group formations
around the edges of the little pond
in the tiny peeps and trills that begin the mornings
symphony of birdsong
in the buttercups that begin opening the shutters
drawing in golden streams
of encouragement
a fledgling robin, who joyfully splashes in a bath
found, just now
to oneself

the light comes in a friend who this week
lost her Mother
but through tears and an aching heart
with great surrounding of love and of
will find more than enough reasons to smile
in her memory

the light comes in the wisdom, grace and great courage
of those who fought long and hard for the rights of women
in far harsher circumstances
who will calmly take this latest blow, as more molehill
than intractable
turning on headlamps, lighting lampposts
and just as graciously
pointing the way

the light comes in the words of Krista Tippett, read just this morning:
“The questions that can lead us are already alive in our midst, waiting to be summoned
and made real.  It is a joy to name them.  It is a gift to plant them in our senses, our bodies, the places we inhabit, the part of the world we can see and touch and help to heal.”

“…  It is a privilege to hold something robust and resilient called hope,
which has the power to shift the world on its axis.”

the light indeed comes
and the world responds

with love

We are Strong
We are Invincible

look then,
for the light ♥

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