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how i spent my summer vacation…

Finished! Whew!!
Just this morning, I finished reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth.
What a fantastic read!   I don’t often read fiction any more,
and I’m not gonna lie, I kind of became interested in this book, when I first heard it was
almost 1500 pages long!! (felt like a challenge)  After this, it kept coming across my radar, and was then highly recommended.
So, July 1st – I decided to finally dive in.  I was quite quickly gathered up in this sweeping, completely engaging, mesmerizingly breathtaking novel set in early 1950’s India.   So much so, I could have easily abandoned all responsibilities and sat to a single day’s non-stop reading.
As it was, this saga – covering history, politics, religion, as well as richly defined characters and families that leave you almost breathless, anticipating when one might possibly wander amongst them once again – captured so much more than the imagination. 
This masterfully enchanting novel proved to be my whole summer vacation!

1474 pages, word count: 593,674
Turns out it’s only number 9 on the longest English language books list,
guess I’ve got some more reading to do.

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