Tamara Willems

Things they forget to tell you…

The thing is,
they don’t always tell you how hard it can be
to have a heart that is full
the one that will feel, the one that

sure, they’ll be quick to mention
it goes by in the blink of eye, you’ve heard that one before
but how about how very much it aches when
you have taken them off on their own
to school
and then you have to leave them there,
drive away
while biting the inside of your lip, hoping to somehow
curb the flow of tears, that spills down your face

the constant little worrying thoughts
of things you may have forgot to
and oh yeah, the ketchup…
continue to wonder if you’ve even prepared them for
and Please, Pl-e-a-s-e, keep them safe

how agonizing it will be
to sometimes make decisions about things like
pets, beloved
about things you cannot control, and exhausting all options
come to know
is for the
how earth shattering it will feel when you know
they will be so hurt, and so
lashing out to be aimed squarely
at you
and there is just no way
to make it different

no matter if this is the first one,
or the
your heart will spill

You will take the
lashings when they come
understanding this kind of hurt isn’t so easily
explained… away
and you’ll reach for that special roll of tape
the one you use
to bind together all the tiny pieces
of your heart
and they’ll feel small and soft and floppy
and oh so fragile
you will wonder if yet one more time
it will even
or will it perhaps…  stay shattered
are you even sure
you still have

but you will do your best
to hold it all, fumbling with shaking hands
you begin once again to
form it into something that looks a little
like a heart

you’ll put it back in its place
in the centre of your chest, swallow it
like a lump
then, plug it in
and wait

you’ll ask the universe for a little tender mercy
for anyone that hurts
for help, and for healing
you might even give yourself a little squeeze
of kindness

and then, you’ll just hold on
‘til once again you can feel
that little glimmer of hope, the one that feels
like love

maybe you’ll make a mental note
of all the things they forget to tell you
and you’ll post it
in the back of your mind
(the one that is mostly over-run, the one that always

file it under:
Things to know when you

like it’s wonderful, and
it’s amazing
and sometimes
oh my goodness, it is so

letting things
wandering around… somewhere
without you

and even, knowing all of this
my advice to you,

expand the fullness of your heart
and always trust love
see you through

of course, there are times
it becomes much easier for the head
the heart ♥  

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we have had to make the hard decision to let our Gus go.
It has been a tough, tough ride with this one, but one full of love, full of joy, some tears and now utter heartbreak.
Times like these make being a parent,
a most devastating thing.

There are times in life when loving will ultimately tear your heart out,
but one must always stay open
as it is indeed
always love
that will save us

Any and all kindness at this very difficult time is greatly appreciated.

** if anyone knows who it is that currently holds the magic wand that makes everything better, would you mind handing it over

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