Tamara Willems

mindful of presents…

in the morning my husband makes a lovely pot
of soup and another pot of pasta sauce
from the gifts of a generous harvest
shared by a dear friend

later in the day, my daughter
makes some lovely pink jam from the quince
she has gathered in the garden

while I am busy with the laundry
and waiting patiently (as the clean-up crew)
for my time in the kitchen to begin the process of
a delectable birthday cake, as requested
for celebrating my daughter’s birthday

outside it is a cloudy day, with a strong breeze
blustering its way through the trees
and cool
making one quite thankful for a busy sort of day

while in the laundry room putting the next load
in the washing machine
I look out the window at a brief
break in the clouds
a stream of sunlight softly putting a rather gorgeous
glow on things

in this golden spotlight
I can see a beautiful little nuthatch perched
on the rain barrel
for a drink and I think to myself,
might be just the perfect
fall day

to be here

in this
light ♥

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