Tamara Willems

the weather here…

The weather here is set to change,
it’s been gorgeously mild
for November

however much cooler temps are well on their way
in possible anticipation of this
the skies today
don’t hold much colour
makes one thankful for the ever changing leaves

Remembrance Day today
and as always I spent my morning
in Ottawa
by way of my television screen
(saves me the crowds)
looking fondly at the faces of those who feel
every word
with respect and gratitude to those who have given
and those that still give
so much

later in the garden, I take some time
to breathe in the mild air
to stand and look around
in awe and in
reverence for the beautiful things I can see, for
peaceful things
for things that I love and am able
to surround myself with
for freedom, fortune and fair weather

for my own little piece of
peaceful living

and I can’t help but to soak it all in
hold it lightly for a few minutes,
and then
send it out in loving kindness to find you

my wish for you today,
is that you might find your own little bit
of peaceful living

and even one small thing
in this day
that feels to you
love 💗🙏

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