Tamara Willems

early morning light…

Mornings when I work, I am up quite early
and most always as I leave the house
I look up into the still dark sky
and marvel
at the stars above
this starts my day, regardless of what may come
with a very special feeling
both comfort and
and always with a smile

some days, driving up the road, I can see
the sun beginning its rise
in glorious fire-y glow
the actual burst of warming colours can be
quite incredible to witness

one morning this week, the most amazing delicate sliver
of crescent moon appeared
and hung wide just above us
as we
and even though I know I am interrupting him
I just don’t want him
to miss it

Mornings when I do not work, I am up not quite so
the sky already a little brighter
but still, most often I watch the days light
just beginning its stretch
across the sky
always on the lookout for its golden
leaves still holding on to maple

the simple promises of new
the unfolding of a brand new day
makes one feel
ever hopeful, but also blessed in being here
to notice

It’s like the feeling of…
how someone you love
when they see you
not even the first… but

finding the very kindest note
from a friend,
or possibly even someone we
haven’t met

it’s like
trusting, knowing and
the most wonderful, nourishing, life affirming

like love
when it surrounds you
and you just can’t help but let it

it’s just
my way to begin

like sky  ♥

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