Tamara Willems

and I was just wondering…

I wanted to tell you,
how last night as the sun was setting
the lower sky became a fantastic rosy, orange glow
and one small gorgeous pink cloud
over me

I wanted to tell you how encouraging it can be
after dingy skiffs of snow have disappeared
to find my lovely primrose
just full of life
dressed in a bit of spring finery
patiently waiting
to begin
(even though it’s not time yet)

this afternoon at work, as I am setting out
square pots of organic mint
one small leaf, so perfectly divided down the middle
one side its vibrant spring green colour
the other
a softer shade of a granny smith kind of green
(without all of the polish or wax)
and the light above, artificial as it was
the afternoon sky having become rather grey,
caught this little leaf
in just the right shimmer
so that I would notice its fancy dress

and I thought to myself
if I was to touch the tip of my tongue
on this lovely light green side
the soft, subtle taste of a creamy mint
would swirl and dance on taste buds
while the other side
would hold true to the nature of its real flavor
and delightfully refresh in minty hints of


I just wanted to tell you this
as a way to say,


was your day? ♥

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