Tamara Willems

sometimes, as this morning

sometimes, as this morning
I am sat in my chair
my coffee, my book
by my window to the world
when suddenly, inexplicably
a wave washes over me
or it seems to swell from within
it forces me to stop
to close my eyes,
it catches my breath
or maybe …
it’s a breeze
that lifts my chin
stretches my neck
reaching to catch it’s
heavenly scent
a sudden fire within
a burst of light, a glow
a coursing of warm syrup
through my veins
sweetening my soul
I am caught
I am captured
In Gratitude
In Love
it envelops
and carries me
and then …
something stirs
my son’s laughter
the rustle of newspaper
the cat stretches
and I am gently
to my chair
to my book
to my coffee
and to Love ♥

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