Tamara Willems

sunrise on the fence…

This morning it’s the rising sun
on the fence
and how outside my window
everything is lit
in the brilliance of

the comfort one feels
in the simple highlight
of a
cozy little birdhouse
on the post

this morning in the quiet
I travel deeper into a book
where the author follows her grandmother’s
through Central Europe, as a young Jewish girl
in the lead up to, then through
and after Nazi occupations, exterminations
and devastation

remarkable courage
resistance, heroic acts of simple

and wonder aloud,  how on earth they begin to tally
the lost
after a war of this nature
or any

this morning is a re-dedication to
in a forty-five minute yoga class
forgiving fingers that barely bend
and rarely
and gently offering loving kindness
where it’s needed

after which
in the bounty of
glorious sunshine
I spend some time sending out
and gratitude for  

every kindness
received  ♥

I do hope you found some kindness
in your day.

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