Tamara Willems

and words that matter…

My current reading and
read next

where I have not spent nearly enough time
with the first book, Surrender
and it really is so very good
but also, where I am always looking forward
to the

and ways in which the two of these
first two in particular
might just happen to be
quite similar

wondering today, when it is exactly
that we
can stop apologizing for
the way we are

especially when it is
that we are quite accustomed to
the way we are
and for the most part, ok with it
when we have made ourselves a quite sensible
(in order to quell persistent anxiety)
to not apologize
for being just

except I suppose when certain
expectations or social
‘norms’ arise
the kinds of pressures we put on ourselves
each other, as it were

myself, I am never one for ‘has to be’s’
must be done in such a way
rather enthusiastically balk
at anything containing the word
always been quite fond of the phrase
Says Who ?

yet still periodically, as is I suppose with
human nature
that little tiny stirring up
on the inside
the annoying pesky mosquito
that starts one to
just…  a bit

where foolishly we then will
sort of involuntarily
to fight against
knowing full well that this
will serve us
no good purpose, at all

possibly what I’m just trying to say here
if you were to see someone
who may look like
could really use a hug
and being that you, yourself wouldn’t mind at all
a soggy shoulder or chest even (should you happen to be quite tall)

and that someone might just per chance,
happen to
exactly like


(calm cool on the outside, cute as a button 😉 –
though a complete disheveled mess on the inside,
and is her face broken out!? –
though she is far from being a teenager!!)

I can just tell you,
that I
would be ever so grateful

for your
kindness ♥

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