Tamara Willems

edward & emily

I can still remember the exact moment
13 (14) years ago
when our Edward slipped into conversations about
the day at school,
that he had had a girlfriend for two weeks

And you know, as a parent maybe your guard gets up a bit,
oh gosh, we think, are we
ready for this

for someone to take your child’s tender heart
and at that age, certainly their
self-esteem, their self-confidence, their
very unique, brilliant and beautiful
in hand

and will they possibly know, just what kind of
treasure they
have discovered
as you, their parent, of course already know
so very well

but oh my, then to meet
just the loveliest girl, with her very own kind of
brilliance, beauty and amazingly, wholehearted
that you yourself, their parent
could not possibly have
for anything different

for two so well suited
to recognize in each other
a deep kindness
to love and support, to imagine and
to Laugh…

and to choose, to
in the world
all these years, and to many,
many more

we just really couldn’t be happier

and to this brave girl
on behalf of the Willems Family
let me say,

Welcome Emily Jane,
to this day

one of Us!!  ♥♥♥

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