Tamara Willems

my Dad

My Dad, was an alcoholic ..
but he was always so much more than this.
He was loving, kind, caring and generous. He was madly intelligent, and he had a great laugh. He loved reading and crossword puzzles and he was a gatherer of small abandoned bits of things. (thank you for these gifts!) True enough, there were some things he .. wasn’t. But he always loved us unconditionally, and in turn taught us to do the same. He was wonder, he was joy and he was quiet solitude. All things I cherish. I was most privileged to be able to give him love and care at the end of his life. Seven years ago he died, and I was left with such a hole in my heart. I have since been blessed to fill this hole with Love .. and with Gratitude, and with fond remembrance. I miss you Papa, everyday, and I Thank you. ♥

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