Tamara Willems

beer for my horses…

Tuesday morning, I see that Toby Keith has died
from stomach cancer
immediately I forward the message to our
family group chat

three things, very important to our family
books, music, movies
but I could also add to this,
smart, intelligent wit
and something I am always so very proud of
is that each of my children, now grown
still appreciate these things
and each, I would say
produce and/or participate in
in some form
every day

part of what I’ve been doing with this
of recovering my breath
this time of ordered
is collecting

my daughter has kindly introduced me to
Spotify, and I have been
like a kid
in a candy store
collecting songs and

we almost always have music playing in our house
even overnight, it’s a comforting way
to sleep
I have always loved many genres, always have
listened to a great mix of songs and
my great love is of course great songwriters,
as I am always attracted to
good words

and Toby Keith wrote good words
his music was very much a staple in our house
when the kids were growing up
sincere, heartfelt and much tongue-in-cheek
that was appreciated

the other day while I am madly searching for
some important
I glance up the bookshelf in front of me at
a picture of my parents
for just a brief second my eyes sort of
scan my Dad’s face
and I stop what I’m doing to think
that’s not it
that picture isn’t holding the true likeness of his face

this is truly just a matter of seconds
but I have stopped here, to think
I know exactly the true likeness of his face
I know his voice,
I know his

do you suppose in our everyday lives
we know the things to pay attention to
do we know the things, the people, the
I mean, we can say it, of course
but do we stop ourselves enough in our busy
day to day
to look, to
to love

we miss much, you know
and we will continue to miss
such is the nature of life

but it is always worth reminding ourselves
how good it feels
to simply
pay attention


while we’re here ♥

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