Tamara Willems

March on little lamb…

March comes
quietly in…  again
like a lamb, as they

feels a kind of hopeful thing
doesn’t it
the ‘march’ on to spring
(nearly there)

I am reading a very good and important book
by Maria Ressa, a courageous, strong and
intelligent woman
a book heading straight for recommended reading
to every one of us who care in any way
about democracy, about truth
and our access to it
about technology
and the increasing fragility
of holding
what we know
to be

to account

in a relentless striving for
of likes and clicks
and the spread of disinformation
and just how
this comes to serve
greed, power and egos of extremely dangerous

I am listening to some very good music
from playlists I, myself have made
that really serve to bring me such joy
I can’t tell you
as I will tell my lovely husband often,
that I have missed my calling
as a DJ or producer of some sort
‘cause I can really spin a tune.. (toot, toot)

I am also ranting, (just a little)
about marketing, misinformation, dis-
information and what complete garbage
we (and here I will say, especially women)
are constantly

And while I am here,
before someone else steps up to my
I would also like to put a stop to the use of the current expression
grrrr….  Whoever it was who came up with this
wildly passed around phrase or
adjective.. ??
NO,  this is not a word
stop that now,  thank you

(Narrator: this from someone who, quite readily will make up a word to fill a space, if it suits and uses grammar and punctuation, rather loosely)

also might I add,

am I
on trend.

On a lighter note, I am also breathing
and little by little I am
tasting and
which is all, just a wonderful thing
although my newly adapted appendage still isn’t feeling,
entirely like my own
a bit of sinus and allergy business still
to be sorted
however, ever thankful for even

and kindness,  Yes!

in the garden, things are truly beginning
and my goodness,  isn’t that
a hopeful thing

reasons to
celebrate then,
calm things, beginnings,
reading, good books, good words, good
awareness and
listening, laughing, dance-
wandering and

feet on the ground
head in the clouds

and right here
where I wanna be ♥

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