Tamara Willems

all of this and a big bowl of fruit

Blue skies smiling at me,
nothing but blue skies
do I see .. ♪

I gather in the quiet of the morning
by the pond
in my spot
with a big bowl of fruit
and fresh mint
an intermittent breeze whispers it’s way
through the leaves
inviting the wind chimes to dance
the birds weigh in
and my neighbour, who is quite a prolific whistler
enlivens the morning
with song

Amazing how fast the tadpoles are growing
Lily is sitting closed up today,
nearing the end of her show
while another waits in the wings
for her moment of glory
a little rustle at the ponds edge
and then a gentle

the most wonderful sound

as the toad slips in for a dip
a giant dragonfly, the size of a small
hovers low above the water
a swallowtail butterfly visits the phlox
and a sweet little cabbage white
flutters around
Mr. Blue comes and goes without bother
snacking on peanuts while
tossing aside the bits he doesn’t care for
Absolutely no one is posing for pictures today
and that’s ok
I bear quiet witness
and they leave me
with smile

Not sure what the girls have gotten up to
last night
but things seem a little topsy – turvy
at the cottage

maybe not to disturb them
just yet …

the great Ella Fitzgerald is in my head today

bluebirds singing a song
nothing but bluebirds, all day long .  ♪

and this,

if I could wrap you up in sunlight
and you could feel
the beauty in
your beams

if I could sing to you softly
a symphony of rhythms
to gently soothe
your soul

if I could bring you a smile
each morning
as you rise
perfectly rested
like the morning paper

if I could bless your day
with kind thoughts
that touch your heart
and warm
your toes

if each time you think of me
it’s like we have just met
and greeted each other
with a large, lingering

and in that
our souls have danced
and known

and Joy

that would always be there
when you needed
to find it

if I could
I would give to you
all of this

and a big bowl of fruit

and you
would always know
Love ♥

I never saw the sun shining so bright
never saw things going so right
noticing the days hurrying by
when your in love, my how they fly ..  ♪


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