Tamara Willems

the bitter taste of words….

Behind me the other day, as I sat reading my book,  was a conversation about nutrition, about the additives and unhealthiness of food…. when a comment was made “that all the plastics in our food was what they say is causing all the gay people”.
This stopped me short, in the book I was reading.  It snapped my head back, I gasped slightly and sat in stunned silence with millions of giant question marks encircling my head, like little blue birds in a cartoon reel.
The seemingly absolute absurdness of this statement struck me.
This from a presumably intelligent person, somehow casually thrown into general conversation.
I guess if ‘they’ can determine a cause  then possibly that means ‘they’ can determine a cure,  Is that the intention to such a statement as this …..    I wonder ..  ???

I choose not to challenge, or call out the speaker.  Instead I return to my book, but
this stays with me ..  a bit.
This morning I log into the world ‘online’ and the first thing I see is from my friend Jena Schwartz, an email she received that reads in part, “”You should be ashamed of yourself and make sure you move out of the country sooner than later.”
She was referred to as “you people” and “whatever else you are”.
Now I call Jena Schwartz, my friend, though we have never met.  This is what I do know about her, she is a writer, she is a gifted poet of heart, she is a woman, she is a mother, she is Jewish and she is gay.  Most importantly what I know about Jena is that she shares what’s in her head, and in her heart, with me (and many others) and because of that we are blessed, and this is why I call Jena Schwartz, though we have never met…  my friend.

I will never understand the distinctive marginalized thinking of ‘us and them’.
Is it us versus them?
Is it perhaps us over them?
Is it us instead of them?
What has happened
to we?
When then,
are we
In the current political climate of turning back the clock, rapidly flashing images, sound bites, who shouts the loudest, fighting fear with FEAR, have we then turned away from human kindness? Are we no longer capable of individual thought?
Freedom of speech, free rights …  I get this …  you do not have to agree with me nor I you, I don’t need to dispell your religious beliefs, or question your politics, it does not come to me to tell you how you should live
but have we run so far away from just being kind to
each other?
Does kindness somehow now make you weak, simple minded
You people
Those people

Are they not us?
Are we

My brother once told me that I was too confrontational, and I told him that he preferred to have his head in the sand (or maybe, I said .. somewhere else)
and we spit our words out
in spite
and threw them like daggers
until we
were no longer

or us

and then,  I guess
we became


Simple words,
used as poisonous darts,
intentional or otherwise,
begin to decimate
us all

make the choice
for You

Think kindly
Choose wisely
and Compassion

Human Kindness

it is
after all
a much lighter load
to carry ♥

“And then I explained to him how naive we were, that the world did know and remained silent. And that is why I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”  ~ Elie Wiesel

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