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Me :)and so to me …

Well to steal a bit from a previous post this is what I can tell you about me.
My  given name is Tamara,
I am also known as Tami, Tam even Tam Tam
I am Honey, Mom, Mooooooom!! and  Mama, I am also Darling Dear
I would say that I am a wanderer.
I wander in words,  in thoughts,  in books and in pictures.  I wander in sunshine and under clouds, in my garden, in nature and in the comfort of my favourite chair.
I am moved by kind hearts, and intelligent people
I have been called an old soul, probably true
or perhaps I travel with old souls
or more likely I am absorbed by old souls
I move through them,
they move through me..
I am very much a woman
yet still a girl
proudly a ‘Mrs’
contentedly a Mother
I am passionate
and practical
I am openhearted
and kind
I am strong in ways I don’t always realize
and fragile in many ways I do,
I am sensitive and shy
I don’t like crowds, however, I don’t mind flocks, gaggles or even herds. I actually get anxious when I lose my husband in the grocery store, he must not let me wander off.
I am indecisive .. … 

I think ..
I believe that my husband gave me my wings., and I try to use them for good and not for evil.
I am the reigning and much heralded Jeopardy champion! – and when I say reigning – that’s ‘in my house’ and when I say heralded – 
that’s mostly by me.
I am a private person,  of sorts..
yet through the kindness of a dear friend
I do now share much of me
I am thinking
I am feeling
I am gracious in the searching
I am motivated by Love,
by Respect,
Kindness .. ..
and cookies
I revel in the blessings of my life, and I am always
If you have somehow stumbled upon me here,
and maybe you happen to wander through these words of mine
then I offer to you a small piece of my heart
and I hope you will be kind ♥



****** DISCLAIMER*******
Some photographs as well as some quotes,  other than my own,  have been gathered from various sources, books, articles and across the internet.  I do not take credit for those that are not mine.
Some images and quotes may be subject to copyright. If your work has been featured on my page without credit, this is not intentional, so please contact me if you wish to have your work removed or if you would like, I can give you proper credit.

No copyright infringement is intended.


  1. Ron Unruh

    Saw your recent post on FB and thought I’d pop by here as well. Apples on a Windowsill, gets a rave review from you. You are an artsy word lover. I like that. All the best through the bleak days of 2024 … I know you’ll be fine. You see little glories in so many items and creatures that might go unnoticed by others.

    1. Tamara Willems

      Oh, just spotted this now! Thank you so much Ron, for you kindness. I very much do appreciate You! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

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