Tamara Willems

vistor’s (with wings) most welcome…

Yesterday, while I am at work,  my husband is home
fixing for me, a couple of
leaky taps
in and out,  the gate is open
as he steps outside,  he sees before him a dog
who has just emerged from our pond no less
just as it is registering that this is not one of our dogs
this dog,  a lab or possibly a retriever,  bolts
out the gate, leaving only large wet paw prints behind
while I am slightly annoyed surveying the state of the pond’s surface
water lettuces strewn about and toppled over
I am also just a little bit delighted at the cheek
of this intruder
who dashed in for a sly splash
and then
as well as the thought of someone’s dog returning home from a
run free
curiously, soaking wet!

Today the garden again is breathing peace
quite full of late summer activity
the bustling of bees, butterflies and moths
crickets sing and the cicadas rattle in increasing volume
today’s bit of paradise,  rather abundant in the activity of hummingbirds
so very many
even though I am currently out of seed
a young blue (jay)  seems to light every time I step out
he is a rather scruffy fellow, still gaining his plumage
I send him my apologies for the lack of delicacies
I have to offer
and he responds in the sweetest little trills
we, both of us are being quite courteous to the other
enjoying our
as I walk and we continue to chat, I extend further I’m sorry’s
to the chipmunks and squirrels
I haven’t much good to say to the mosquitoes who are so very persistent
on another humid overcast day
my beautiful painted daisies have returned, and are certainly most welcome
I just love them at every stage, and snap their transitions of
perhaps I think to myself,  I
am just that –  a painted daisy
In the most gorgeous
this thought makes me smile
my lovely thistle is looking rather wild today,
humidity and rain having curled her fluffy wishes before they could fly
they gather all clumpy around her like frills
this time of year has me already thinking of spaces I can fill
in next years gardens
as well as places to expand
briefly In my head,  I become like a mad scientist
but then the appearance of the sun
begins to warm one shoulder
illuminating bare skin
and this to me
warm and luminous
I smile up at the sky
watch wispy white clouds
and speak
my gratitude
I look at the intricate threads of a spider web
golden in the light
amazingly constructed
a hummingbird comes to perch just beside me
and I realize I have set the camera down
so I am content to just
watch and
a very plump bumblebee lolls in the centre of a Rose of Sharon
he is so very covered in pollen,  I wonder how it is he expects to obtain
lift off
he does…
I look up again to the vast blue sky above
watch a hawk soaring overhead
then,  feeling myself quite wonderfully bathed in gratitude
I remember what I was supposed to be doing
head back to the house
opening the door,  again it is lyrics to a song that usher me in
when I hear,

♪  but you can’t fly,  unless you let yourself
fall  ..  ♪

yup,  I say to myself,
blessings of a day
it is this,
and so
more  ♥


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