Tamara Willems

just checking but, are you ok…

It’s…  Canada Day up Canada way on the first day of July! ♪♪

As usual this day begins in thoughts
of Stompin’ Tom Connors
where I will sing just this part of the song
many times

the dogs and I out
for a leisurely walk about
taking in the sights and sounds
of early morning
in the garden

after a wild night of pounding rain
continuous flashes of light
and even some hail
has left things looking rather

as my pups and I are taking things in
a particular bright patch of sky
kind of catches my eye
turning to have another look, I notice
with surprise
a large tree in the back has been split down its middle
and a very large portion has come down
onto some kind of line that runs across the back,
as well
this large half a mulberry tree, is now resting
in the pine and

just as I’m thinking, I do hope no nests have been disturbed
a raucous gang of blue jays
circle in
making a noisy commotion
of concern
and I look up to see a large hawk
walking the broken branches
as if
the damages
when he has gone, the robins fly in
followed shortly after
by the cardinals
everyone wanting to have a look

who will respond,
when a neighbour
is in need

I’ve been spending time in the garden lately
with baby chick-a-dees
for companions
they are just the loveliest little things
and yesterday, when I am inside for a few minutes
the downy woodpecker comes
to knock at the window beside me
gets my attention
then flies off

by all this chatter, you will note:
I really am
for the birds

other than the rotten air quality
carried over in the smoke of raging wild fires
in Quebec
(even though I am still unable to breathe properly
and cannot smell)
this hazy bit of consequence
has been causing a bit of a throat scratch and an
everyday headache

here, in my little patch of heaven
it is for me, just the most beautiful time
of the year
and I am trying to draw in
every bit of it

yesterday being my Aunt Pat’s birthday
I am holding space
I am resting some,
relaxing some and really
grounding myself in gratitude and love
for just how much she meant to me
and still does

I miss her everyday

I am puttering today, bits of this, bits
of that
‘spose you can tell

and if it should rain later
as weather is suggesting,

well then,
I think I’ll return
to my book

Whatever it is for you today my friends
do enjoy your day,

Oh Ca..nada…. 🇨🇦

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