Tamara Willems

like sunshine through clouds…

“Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?”
~ Jane Austen in a letter to her sister,   June 15, 1808

And so begins my day…
this morning I send a message to a much deserving friend,
just to say, ‘how wonderful I think you are’
and a ‘Thank you ..  for kindness’
because I do
and because I feel,  if you are thinking it, it is equally as important
to put it
into action
quite easily I could spend most everyday doing this
but there is work, that consumes some days
the physicality of which has again over taxed my hands and arms
so today ..  is rest,  and writing
and here then begins my ‘important nothings’…

I have been
punching through a bit of cloud for a few days
at times it feels like walking against a very strong wind
until of course, I remember to offer myself
ease of a rapid thinking mind
and always
gentle kindness
as this too shall pass…
yesterday I can feel it’s lifting
as I pause for moments in my day to recognize the glory of the sun
as it shines on my face
and smile
it is after all the first day of spring
and I start, (even as I am working) to write words in my head
about the power of love
to me the single most wonderful thing in the world!

What I’m thinking is how easy it is to love
and yet,
how difficult we make it
how readily available it is to us
and yet
how hard sometimes,  we search
how wonderfully full we already are
and yet
how very empty,  we can feel
and really how amazingly simple and important it all becomes
to recognize

my husband and I went out for dinner on Saturday night
and we had a lovely meal
however, we did not gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes
we were, as one might say…  a little off
we did not (as is our usual practice) hold hands on the way home
and when we came in,  we exercised a kind of quietness
for a few days
this does not today, or any day change
my love for him
or my state of gratitude
if anything,  it enriches
we are our own kind of fairy tale, and not everyday is mush…
and as I am thinking about love,
I offer us both forgiveness for our humanness,
kindness and gratitude for our
and then this,  I send out to the universe
to anyone who may need

somehow I suppose I soften myself with thoughts
on the blessings of
or perhaps I gently brought myself
back to an ease
and I am resting, in my heart
as last night,  out of the blue he stops to kiss me
and thankfully the world steadies itself

Today it is spring
and I celebrate the return of little green sprouts
and I take a moment to tell you,
just how wonderful I think you are
like sunshine through a dull sky…
all of the great blessings
of this
me here ♥

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