Tamara Willems

a rose is a rose is a rose…

This morning finds me somewhat frustrated by my husband’s,
closed off quiet-ish habit of internalizing worry
(as men do)
which leaves one feeling a little
outside looking in, unable to hear the present
and offer softening reason and support
a very Venus and Mars sort of thing, I suppose
of everyday life
or just two people really, none of us so very alike
as to always know
coming from someone who is more inclined to share most every
and concern as a way of working things out
it is easy to see where temperaments collide
and just how trivial kerfuffle’s can come about
where one is left wondering
what on earth and just where did that come from??
this is I believe where the glory of love
we are,  each of us filled to capacity with love
it is only on us to openly allow
the giving and

and this my friends, a little insight in just how
as in my head I am going over the grumbling pesky thoughts that are
currently vexing me
the ‘I am right and what is your problem’
another thought breaks in like the sight
of an approaching stop sign
of friends in need of a gathering
a connecting of arms and hearts
to surround and
to hold one up when one is
and just how it is sometimes I can feel this
just where the strength of my heart might possibly
be needed
and not my head which can, dukes up,
banty around jibes in a sparring match
no problem
yet certainly prefers to throw all that
into the bin
to allow for kinder things
to flow
I know indeed that I am made of love
and strength
and it is in me to let you know
that You..
are too

and that you see,
is all I need

live in gratitude
know your strengths, show your love

gets one through,
every time

when all you have is love,
Love… is ALL you have ♥

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