Tamara Willems

in thoughts for the living, and gone…

I been wanting to write for days,
but for lack of sitting time,
I have yet to start

blissfully happy in the garden, this
is my time of year
hot, hot, heat
slight breeze
digging out, tending to
admiring late bloomers
watching bees and early flutterbys
tadpoles and toads
talking to dragonflies who follow me everywhere
chipmunks and squirrels
birds of all kinds and

listening to the hawks, who forever announce
there travels
cheeps, chirps, whistles
and peeps
the plop when someone slips into the pond
and the jubilant jumps of
the fish

staring up at the clouds
their wisps and their puffs
and their
the very tip tops
of the

I am ever so grateful,
wonderfully amazed and constantly
adorning myself
in awe
of beautiful things
I love

at the same time, I am sadly disheartened by the state
of the world
and people who don’t wish to learn
how to be kind, how not
to be cruel
how to recognize things
as they

wondering to myself why it would take two more
whole years
for someone to decide
that the owning,
that the buying and selling
the forcing, the taking
that the blatant mistreatment
of people
would no longer be
then what does it mean to be

wondering how a people can hold on so tightly
to their superiority
and ever deem themselves

wondering how you could ever look into the eyes
of a fellow human
any shade, any style
and suddenly forget…  what is kind

I’ve been wondering what it is you do
when you hear people you know
who use god as their witness
with ignorance and hate
as their shield

and wonder what then…
will silence

it is we who have failed to
shamefully, it is

and also there is this,
writing about grief
friends of ours have just lost
their daughter
five painfully short months after learning she
had brain cancer
a young wife
mother of three still small children
in a career she loved

wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend

and if ever there was a miracle
to hope for…

but that
I suppose, is it
isn’t it,
the miracle itself

May you be well
May you be safe and at
May you, yourself be love
and kindness

May you be
a living

with gentle wings
may you
be free ♥

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