Tamara Willems

even before we know…

Yesterday after a few days of
somewhat civil
I once again take a deep dive into
The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield
my go to when I
in need
of sound understanding, wisdom and
guidance (and always really)
I rest here and again in the love
that surrounds

this morning early,
as I step off the back porch, a squirrel sticks his head out
of the mailbox where I leave the treats
usually at this point he would make a mad scramble for
higher ground
as I am most always in the company of
dogs, who like to
but today, he sits just there…  still
I promise him, he is safe
and he appears to take me at my word
as I continue on to the pond,
and he
sits quite still, with an eye on me
just in case
as perhaps, we don’t always completely

in the gardens,
I marvel at how very bright and beautiful things look
seemingly before they have any indication of the forecasted heat
for the day
as I walk,  this and the book I am reading about racism
in Canada
have me thinking about who we are
before someone teaches us to be afraid, to defend or to denigrate
each other

the blues have all been in for early splashes in the
(before the crowds)
and the young ones would like me to understand
how very much snacks are so needed
for growing bodies
and uh, mightn’t I have a few monkey nuts lying around?
I say my good mornings and again assure them
they are safe, as I
with camera in hand continue
my walk

all this week, I have been accompanied here
by the Blues as I have mentioned
family of five,
also I have enjoyed watching the gathering of
the Robins and their offspring, as well as
the Cardinals and their littles
although different in some ways
each of these three families have jostled
and hopped around branches, playfully chasing
trading prime spots for berry picking
as well as turns in line at the bath
back and forth
without any apparent animosity
among them

it is my great honour that we share this
our common space
peacefully, and kindly
as they do seem to tolerate my presence also
that we offer each other grace
when necessary (*see always)
and none feel the need to defend
to attack or accuse
we are ok with our own unique qualities
our inputs and I suppose too
our faults
when the power of the sun and the heat
become increasingly oppressive
we wilt a little
we slow ourselves down
we again become more quiet
we find a way
look after each other


last night a gorgeous crescent moon
shone so brightly among the
in that great expanse of darkening sky
and the fireflies were plenty
I sat with my husband by the fire
poured it all out,
and filled myself up with gratitude
for kindness, and for

so that then this morning
when a message arrives
of a need

again have much
give ♥

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