Tamara Willems

staying open to love

if you know me, you may know that I am a great proponent of Love,
in all forms it touches me and graces my life,
centres me, swells my heart and often all too easily pours forth from my eyes and lips.
I try to keep the middle of me open and available always
to the giving and receiving, the ebb and flow, the me to you
the you to me.
and this, this is what I receive
a man who cares for me through five or six weeks of pain and discomfort
who lets me grasp him in a death grip of pain, and stays .. just there …
while I struggle to breathe
whose presence, strength and love, gently brings me back to myself
who has now spent more than a week sleeping on the couch,
me in the chair,
no matter how many times I tell him he will be more comfortable upstairs,
because I am unable to comfortably lie in our bed, and because he says he needs to be here.
daughters who bless my days with laughter, which is kind of painful
yet also kind of wonderful
and friends who continue to bless me with kind words, caring hearts and really important and very much appreciated connections.
the kind of Love that surrounds
and embodies
the essence of me

stay open .. .. ♥

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