Tamara Willems

thank – full-ness

Yesterday he comes in with an armload
of flowers for the garden
realizing this as the first Thanksgiving in twenty-four
he has not had to be at work
I suppose we thank covid for this
finding our blessings in these strange times
might even have been longer, except back to that
twenty-four marker
a day when I said maybe he best not go in
as I had been in labour for some time
when one of our daughters decided
to make the Monday
our Thanks-for-giving-us-Emma day
so that each thanksgiving now includes birthday cake
in celebration
number three of four
of the greatest gifts

yesterday’s request…  four magnificent
baked with love and topped
with a delectable cream cheese

let that sit sweetly..
on your tongue

the act of being thankful
the very conscious, fully engaged practice
of thankfulness, is one
that I cannot imagine ever being

as the great blessings of everyday life
as well as our awareness
become more and more apparent
in each

from the first deep breath in
of morning light
fully and completely expanding the lungs
filling one’s chest and
holding it there
before beginning
the gentle slow

this simple act
repeated then, throughout the day
is not one to be taken

to walk quietly through a slumbering house
open curtains, raise blinds
start the coffee

to begin in kindness
for the day

to breathe fresh air, as you move
watch clouds sail
across blue skies, leaves burst forth
in brilliant shades

plant feet
on the ground
raise your face to the sun
close your eyes
centre, still
then set one’s intentions
to love
and where it may be needed

not just because this has been deemed
the day
for our Thanksgiving

but instead,
because this is a life
of grateful living

made gracious


To you dear friends,
May this day greet you
in kindness
May your heart bring you
a gentle strength
and guidance
May blessings and goodness
be waiting
on your doorstep
with love
to surround you
May you indeed
be well ♥

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