Tamara Willems

ways to say…

(*thinking as i was about two dear friends who seem to have got loving right, and my own heart as it pours…)

Mostly, spend my days thinking of 
to tell you I love you 
finding inadequate terms 
just how much 

wondering how things would be 
if we were to more normalize 
saying I love you to each other 
to friends who sustain us 
or family… 
to those whose inherent beauty shines,
regardless of notoriety 
or calling 
to hearts that have been kind 
for goodness that somehow  
under the surface of your skin 

for those who try their best 
whose intentions are  
and responses come  
with an ease 

there was a singer of some note 
whose life became terminal 
or rather more terminal in  
was seen kissing everyone around him 
on the lips
(made people uncomfortable)
and some wondered 

yet, if you knew that your days 
were numbered 
(as indeed they are) 
would you suddenly crave 
a very real 
connection to life 
to love 
and to gratitude 

would you wish to make it clear 
to those you touch 
how very much this meant 
to a 
life that’s been lived 

if we spent as much time 
as we do 
checking our appearance, 
our.. status, our  
stating our cases, our opinions
and grievances
and instead recharged ourselves 
on love 
and loving 

not once expecting 
where this might get us 
or what would come in return
no fear of rejection or ridicule
just knowing that love was ours 
to give 

and how very fortunate we were 
to know it 

Wouldn’t this then
be the way…   

to really
living? ♥

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