Tamara Willems

a breath of December air…

December’s arrival 
tiptoes softly in 
laying down quietly on your doorstep 
and calmly waits 
for you to notice… 
much difficulty sleeping of late, 
bothered by unruly sinus congestion 
has me slightly panicking in the night trying to breathe 
now this morning seems to have plugged up one ear 
also, last night in the throes of a rather violent dream 
think I may have actually  
kicked the small elderly dog 
sleeping innocently at my feet 
apologies made, have since been accepted 
as well, comes the season of work-related Christmas-y things 
of which 
I am not a fan 
nor am I (any longer) a willing participant 
a thing much easier for me to decide against,  
than for some others 
to understand 
voice once again appreciation for generosity, but also  
acknowledgement for where I am  
having not bothered to look for several days, 
still slightly annoyed by the bombardment of my inbox 
for flash sales and  
I rather triumphantly dump sixty-two messages 
and feel a kinder space 
begin to open 
gladly then, 
I take in the morning 
a dose of easy gratitude 
a day off when I can feel myself walking a fine line 
between ease and overwhelm 
knowing full well that I would much rather stay on the sunnier side 
of the street 
I then answer the call, to greet December 
in the out of doors 
stepping into this new day 
I breathe deeply in fresh crisp morning air 
standing quite still at first, just to take in  
the simplicity of this 
breathing deeply in 
filling myself with the breath 
of December
followed soon after by a quiet walk 
in the garden
the morning in full cloud, cast in a dull but gentle  
sounds of only the birds and the drip-drip-dropping of water 
off the roof 
snowy crunch, under foot
I wandered slowly and quietly
looking at signs of beautiful things  
that remain 
waiting only  
for grateful notice 
and the touch 
for their  
being here

despite harsher
predictions ♥

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