Tamara Willems

And a warm pot of soup…

You might know how very fond I am
of spring
the very hopefulness of
things to come,
possibilities and almost daily surprises
but lately I’ve been thinking how very lovely
the autumn can be
changing colours of course, appeal to the visual senses
and scents too, (much more vast than just a particular
that add a certain sensuousness
to the whole affair
I believe it’s the actual ‘nature’ of the season
that has gotten to me this year

the gentle sort of closing in, laying down and
letting go
the surrender of it all
not a giving up or defeatist kind of thing
rather a soft, restful, fading of colours
a calmness to the vibrancy
a comfort
of course, there are still the fiery flashes of reds
which tend to light
one’s fire
but the season feels much more
in its colouring

and has one thinking more to the pleasures of
feathering one’s nest
in comfy, cozy layers of

kind of feels like less striving
to do, to plant, to force, to
and instead like
resting, more
more.. savour

maybe today, it’s just all the colours of the trees
enchanting my good nature
or possibly
it is the great kindness of
the people I know,

that has one feeling just like
having been wrapped up
a deliciously warm
hug ♥

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