Tamara Willems

Love is… a sweet thing

Yesterday, while I’m at work
he picks up a lovely large antique mirror that I’d been eyeing
brings it home, hangs it on the wall
never mentions
I come in tired, talk to the dog
go up to change my clothes
when I come down, I see myself
in the mirror
instantly I recognize the light of love and delight
in a smile

my own

if I were to tell you,
that tomorrow is the day to tell someone you love them
or no… maybe it’s
today, or yesterday
would you then try hard to remember
while being bombarded by the constant chatter
so as not to forget
that this was the day to
cause its some sort of holiday or

or who it was you were supposed to love
and just who
would love you

or possibly if I could tell you exactly how long you
would have someone special
in your life
and precisely the minute
would be gone

would you think to yourself, ah yes
this was the day they said
for I love you’s, and not to miss my chance
thanks for the reminder
if only I’d thought
of it

if we open ourselves up to love
if we
put love out in to the world
in simple actions, in kind thoughts, in
if we recognize how precious
our time
our friends, our
loved ones
their time
if we make it a practice to give the love
we hope to receive
every day

we always lose less
when we can
love more

now is the time to say I love you
this day is just as good as any

and if you’re reading this
let me send my love to you
to surround you, to keep you, to light your way

stay open,
as this right now
is the perfect time, day, year, minute
for love

and to remind you

it’s been right here,
all along ♥

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