Tamara Willems

big things, small things, marvelous things…

This morning we take a drive,
as I am
not a driver
and a drive with my husband being one of my
favourite things, especially
on a lovely morning such as this
I sit quite enjoying the scenery
chattering away to my love about things
our sometimes opposing schedules have us needing
to catch up on

while I am happily watching the countryside
I see ahead, high up in the trees
still bare to budding
a huge, huge nest, who’s architect and occupant I find
happens to be
at home
a gloriously white bald eagle’s head
comes into view
as we pass by, I marvel at the sight
even from this distance
of such a marvelous being
in our presence

one beautifully miraculous thing
begins my day

arriving at our destination
having come to pick up a trailer
we meet
just the loveliest, friendliest, most congenial people
one could hope to encounter
and both parties, mutually I think,
at just how very fortunate life can be
and what a true, true blessing

a friendly face, a sincere handshake
a simple, ordinary blessing
of souls

a few quick errands
then back home to the garden
where almost everywhere I can see signs of

two different butterflies, one orange
one more black with spots
have now become my constant travelling
well, those two and
this dearest little dog who oh-so-delightfully
and always curiously
follows along

my larger fellow not-so-puppy himself
is content to find a nice shady spot
for his big furry lie down
close comfort always being his specialty
but a bit of cool
still required

I stand looking up at the sky
watching expanding jet streams in
feathery white
across a bright blue canvas
marvel again
as trees seem to break into fleurage (I may have made this word up, but I like it and I’m keeping it)
before my very eyes
watch a bright sunny goldfish who I believe
he’s a toad
and the robins bravely and spiritedly
defending their nest


anyway, I don’t think I had anything
of real importance to tell you
I just wanted to say
what a beautiful day, and
how very


life can be

when we
it ♥

don’t miss it!

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