Tamara Willems

in glasses of rose…

One of my very favourite times of the morning,
sitting outside by the pond,
coffee and conversational ‘catch-up’
with my love
watch one single puff of white
sail slowly across a pale blue sky
quite contentedly sink
into the pages
of a
rather wonderful
just as the sun rises high enough
in the sky
allowing it to peek through the branches
of the spruce
that it starts to dance ever so
at the corner of my right eye
and dust the fine hairs on my cheek
with a sparkle of golden
instantly I will feel a slight flush of
like the blush of new love
and turn my face up to feel its kiss
and welcome

this always makes me smile

the sun then stretches itself wide
a light breeze rushes in
and the garden begins
to an utterly beautiful day

this morning as we sit,
a small, gorgeous, black and white spotted
of wings
come to dine at the phlox beside
my chair
bold and rather beautiful
I try to get a quick snap, whilst also not wishing
to disturb,
really just so that I might try to identify
this new guest

who turns out to be an Eight-spotted Forester Moth
described by one as a ‘spiffy butterfly-like moth, that
dazzles the eye when it flutters around flowers’

and very true, as it certainly does just that,
‘can be found near forests and woodland’
which is always my favourite descriptor
for something (or someone) that appears
in my garden
such an honour,
gives one
a little heart squeeze

although hard to believe it is August already
this really is when the garden
comes into its own

everything currently wild and wooly
in various stages of blooming, fading and
roaming with
complete life affirming wonder

a lovely afternoon begins its
the sun, shining high
the breeze, blowing through
and for a few minutes, I sit,
beside me
a glass of water, with lemon
my book, my camera
the dogs asleep at my feet

contentedly I sit
half sun, half shade
watch the birds, the bees, the butterflies
a small toad and a fuzzy caterpillar
a tiny spider sails by on a silken thread
and I think to myself…

What a Wonderful World
and my little place
in it ♥

American filmmaker David Lynch: “There is a saying: The world is as you are. You can wear dark-green dirty glasses, and that’s the world for you. Or you start diving within and experience the unbounded ocean of pure bliss consciousness, creativity, intelligence, all these beneficial things, and you start wearing rose-colored glasses. And that’s the way the world looks for you. And it gets better.” ⁠

Eight-spotted Forester Moth

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