Tamara Willems

Today I am reading about flowers…

Today I am reading about flowers
among other things
which to me
the perfect thing for late January

for several years we have been inching our way
the sort of unnatural, obsessive, artificial
beautification of
looking more toward just
the marvelous wonder of
wild things

and always I am wondering best ways to
begin again
when spring arrives
makes February feel like a rather
hopeful sort of month
doesn’t it
this then is how we do…  winter

while outside my window, January raindrops
turn instead
to lovely, although wet-ish snowflakes
rather more cheerful to look at
I think

two weeks, no physical activity is the instruction
sounds kind of wonderful, but
not so easy, once you are
it’s been a full year of really struggling to breathe
searching for causes and possible
(most probably has been much longer in some ways)
and today, the very freshness of the snow,
as well as the simple sight of the mound left
where a snowman once stood
on the birdbath
from the kitchen window,  looks just like
the Buddha
to me
then a cardinal on snowy branches
has me wander out, with my camera
in this air

to see if I might
some of this

filling the bird feeders,
I’m thinking
the winter has been so wet and dreary
I feel as if I
have somewhat
neglected slow beautiful things

and perhaps this
is most what words like
are for

slow walks in the snow
careful steps
arms around oneself
looking at beautiful things
in the garden

spaces to breathe ♥

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