Tamara Willems

celebrating a day…

I haven’t been feeling so well this week
so I’ve been kind of laying low
nothing too serious mind you
just a bit of monkeying with some allergy meds
combined with too many back and forth
trips down the road,
work… stuff
and some trouble with sleeping, which actually is
trouble with too much waking
has me this week, rather
half-plugged ear, congested sinuses
and waves of nausea
have me feeling like I’m on three different
boats …  at once
riding dizzying, rolling waves
and so I thought today,  I would
take it
slow,  seek comfort

but now I realize what I’ve actually found myself doing today

first thing this morning was coffee and a new book
all to myself
until my husband came down just in time to
fill me up
then we both watched in rapt excitement
at the great gathering of finches in the garden
together we tackle a bit of business for the day
and a few errands

and together, the best place to be

later as he walks by me on his way up the stairs
I say to him, hey…  come here..
and kiss me
(which he does)
now dizzy for a reason,  I gaze out the windows
and admire the glistening coating
of ice
on branches

suit on, tie straight,  he leaves for work
I do a bit of baking
some for the kids, some for the girls tomorrow

I try for a short time to catch up on social things
I’ve been too tired to look at
and find to my surprise a new friend
as well as a new old friend
how lovely
this makes one feel

so, although I may not be feeling so well,
I realize
what I’ve been doing this day


that’s what I’ve been doing
ordinary things
on an ordinary day

full to the brim
gratitude ♥


and you my friend…   what have you been up to?  

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