Tamara Willems

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

My week began with the all too familiar internal 
toil of  
pushing through clouds 
trying hard not to destroy myself with chatter 
willingly drawing in, in gentle 
loving kindness  
words and familiar phrases to ease myself through 
and repeating the same  
for you 
end of week, my inbox fills to bursting  
blasting sales of Black Friday merch to steal 
and charitables amping up the ask for money 
where everything becomes a business 
and everyone would appreciate a little something 
where grand over-consumerism has little and nothing to do 
spreading cheer for all to hear 
the crass-ness of the holidays begins to get 
my hackles up 
add to this, more ridiculous over-blown conspiracy theories 
doing nothing more than showing utter self-serving egocentric 
blatant insecurities and little care for your fellow (hu)man 
not your intellect 
time to look outside that poorly wrapped 

snow falls overnight, as predicted  
maybe not such a happy sight 
to one who enjoys warmer temps and the glory of things  
that grow 
where morning walks are brief, especially when so 
poorly dressed for the chill 
in pj’s and slipper crocs, out to feed the birds 
say a quick good morning 
before beating a hasty retreat, back to the comforts 
of my chair  
by the window 
then out in a snow squall on a small  
treasure hunt 
bringing a few lovely things back home 
I am thinking of just how very much I do love
the sights and the colours of the season, and most of all  
to give a gift 
to find things that make one’s heart flutter 
in hopes that for you 
they might do the same 
what if instead of the sell, instead of the take 
instead of trying to prove yourself right 
the gift to bring 
the treasure to hunt for 
the thoughts conveyed to those who will receive  
are of kindness 
are of wishing others well  
are of something that shines, that warms 
that sparkles in light 
if we go back to the simple joys 
whatever for you that may be 
the simple acts, the beauty of snowflakes 
the warmth of caring 
thoughts of generosity, not in grandiose ways 
but instead, in 
the gift to bring

nourishment for the weary 
countenance for the  

’cause baby it’s cold outside! ♥

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