Tamara Willems

we interrupt this program…

Today I am annoyed
with myself…  as much as any
I am annoyed by my hands
fingers that won’t uncurl, as they should
one on each hand, that then get caught on things
and others that
the morning’s headache and
the tightness of my
I can palpably feel my annoyance,
and that

annoys me too

intuned enough to know
the cause of the
the rhythm, the ebb
the flow
I recognize the days of feeling anxious,
tears just below the surface
of worry
sitting heavy on my chest
and wildly churning up

the wish to retreat
push my chair further into the corner
and wrap myself up to the chin
in blankets of warmth and
let the crazy world go on
without me
because today…  I just don’t have the strength
or is it, far too much unbridled fury
(*exaggeration at its best, Please stop me if I’ve said all this before)

knowing, recognizing and feeling
I make it a conscious choice to be
to moments of peace

and so this morning, the clouds oblige
by covering most of the sky
not letting even the tiniest beam
shine through

and the breeze acquiesces
in a gentle intermittent sort of
allowing subtle

among the flittering of sparrows
a dove comes to sit
on a branch, by my window
and the dog rests his head
on my foot

there are days that call us to the practice of
loving kindness
to ourselves
when we are wise
to listen

to offer ourselves tender,
loving care

so that, should you perhaps find yourself
just that sort of
quiet corner
by the window

would already have been there

and I would gladly wrap you up
in my
blankets of kindness

and have left a few cookies
by your chair ♥

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