Tamara Willems

reminding me…

This morning I am reminded,
how very lovely it is to visit with friends,
to laugh hysterically, to sing, to dance,  to share a glass
a smile, a tear and a
and too
this morning I am reminded,
how lovely it is to come home,
after a night away,
one’s own bed, pillow, family
the sanctuary of a quiet sit in the garden
watch the birds, the bees, caterpillars,
read a book
this morning I am reminded
how much I miss my Aunt Pat,
her comforting presence in my
and how deeply it pained me
to let her go
this morning I am reminded how good friends
can bless your life
can light your spark, and honour your being
can kindly draw you out, and respect your
for turning
this morning I am reminded
how my heart still flips, to watch my husband
play the drums
and the girlish flush that comes, when he
turns to smile in my
this morning I am reminded
just how very much there is
to cherish
when you come from a place
of love
and gratitude
how necessary it can feel
for each of us
to be kind enough to listen, to notice
to see
and to tell you, just how wonderful I think
you are
everyday things become a
of lovely things
are often

that this is indeed
how we become able to
recognize ourselves

and Oh… what a blessing
that can
be! ♥

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