Tamara Willems

elusive flutterings…

This year in the garden, I have seen more monarch caterpillars
than ever before,
that’s a hopeful thing
and every time I step out the door, in mere seconds
a monarch comes into view
there is also a couple of beautiful, black with a bit of blue
that seem now to always
be around,
yet so far have eluded me for photos
even as I walk with my camera, one flutters around me
and over me
but will not land in sight for long
just keeps fluttering
this very minute, this beauty lands on a sunflower
just off my right shoulder
I have left the birds a bit to their own defenses
in that I have not filled the feeders so much in months
of course I know this isn’t the season where they depend on me
for nourishment
still I feel a little guilty
currently a young blue jay is trying hard to convince me, he is
so deserving of treats
alright then, I tell him, my husband won’t miss a few
but now he must deem me safe enough to
sit by
that has me thinking,
isn’t that just the story of life…
safe enough, to risk
what if I told you, at one time
I had such a crush on you
and when I see you, I suppose there are ways that
I still do

the Buddha says,
‘A single word of truth which calms the mind
is better to hear
than a thousand irrelevant words.’

so I have read,

and really, words of love and kindness
can never be
can they?

someone’s in the house today
across the street,
and I keep thinking I
might see my neighbour
the window
even though I know, she is gone
it changes the landscape…
to lose someone

kind words (that is)
are never wasted

and love…
is always necessary

so go ahead,
and tell someone

then, rest your wings ♥

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