Tamara Willems

real life is just like this…

“Armed I am with love. Disarmed I am.” 
       ~ Manuel Alegre

Friday morning, the sun is shining
looks like a beautiful day is about to unfold
gently easing into my chair
I sit down with my coffee
and just quietly to myself, I have a cry
July had been too busy,
and so far August feels much the same
my husband has taken a week’s holiday from one job
and been quite busy with the other
I’ve hardly seen him
weekends have been taken up with
and this weekend is to be also,
in the most wonderful way
but still… 
meanwhile we prepare to let our youngest daughter
go, off to school and her bright new
future and I try desperately not
to be pulled apart
working to keep things straight in my head
what I need to do, what we need
to do, what needs doing
and the logistics of just where
we need to be
and when
all of this internal chatter seems to have manifested itself
far down into
my lower back
which is stiff, and quite sore
so here I am (again..)   in my chair.. 

the thing is though,
I know how to ease myself through
it’s a one foot in front of the other, sort of thing
I take a lot of deep breaths,
I shed a few tears when I feel the need,
I try to be gentle with myself
(and my back)
and I trust
I trust that things will unfold as they should,
that we will figure things out,
go and spend time with friends
who love us, as we love them
and celebrate a coming together
I trust that my children’s wingspan will continue to reach
new heights
and that I
will (of course) somehow be
in the reaching
I trust that coming from a place of love and gratitude
and resting here in the quiet of this… when in need
will always
see me through

I trust in Love

and I trust in the value of friendship
the kind that sees us,
and loves us,
as we are.

I trust Love
above all … I trust
Love ♥

“Armed I am with love. Disarmed I am.” 
       ~ Manuel Alegre

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