Tamara Willems

inviting uncertain’s in…

Today I am feeling the feelings
of fall
some sun and some shade
a soft fading of colour
today I am partial automatic pilot
one foot in front of the other sort of thing
going through….  the
motions, one could say
a couple of days of uncertains and unknowns
to get through
a waiting of sorts
things I am quite sure, I know
I am fine,
either way..  I am much better than
I do know this.

Today I want to buff things up
put a little shine
on the world
or most certainly the parts that need it
I want to do away with nasty talk, and harsh opinions
of cruel things that I cannot understand
intentional arrows slung
I want instead for you to sit for a moment
or maybe we could take a walk
a quiet stroll
for a brief stretch maybe I
would take your hand, touch your arm, shoulder
rub your back, maybe rest our heads
out of kindness
and we would listen to each other
as if nothing else mattered.. today
but this

I will bring along a little kindness and peace
you bring the laughter
(and wine)
suppose we even.. leave a little behind
for someone else to find
cause wouldn’t that be a nice thing
to stumble

today I want you to hear something nice
about yourself
something I admire greatly
I want you to feel tenderness
and love
something that will make you smile
for days…
as the clouds roll in

or how about this,
today,  should you feel like you need it,
place your hand right here
next to mine
we’ll cross our pinkies
and talk about lovely things
chocolate ♥

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