Tamara Willems

when winter falls in raindrops…

Fair warning that this may prove to be rather

December 29th in the rain
and so it is that we have again come through
another Christmas
perfectly sated, suitably happy
the dreariness of this day
has one feeling slightly dullish in tone
festive decorations losing a little of their
snowmen seem out of place
regardless of the current showers,  
feeling the need for
space… and
and a gentle hush
I wander out to commune with the birds
(most agreeable company in these sorts of moods)
I’m thinking of a vow of silence
of physically,
speaking no words
excepting those that come from the tips
of my
camera in hand, it’s
hard to find much to look at
in a colourless day
of course I fail almost instantly in my vow, as I chat
with a squirrel
regarding over-indulgent sorrows
when he thinks he’s heard enough, my attention elsewhere
he hops on a branch of the spruce tree above
and showers me in a cold blast of raindrops
suppose it’s his way of saying, ‘lighten up’

this dismal grey day feels a little like the house lights
coming down
as if the year itself were actually
drawing to a

has me thinking you know, how it is we, 
in this world
might take better care
of each

and just how important it can be
to keep
a little light shining
for those who might need it
we still have a few days to leave our mark
on this one

and I am certainly open
to the possibility of great miracles

how about you,
my furry friend?

i do hope you will keep yourself open
for gentle things
to find

you ♥

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