Tamara Willems

a new day, new year gaze out my window…

Last night I had a dream that friends
arrived at ours and brought with them
a new kitchen floor, for us
a pallet plunked in the middle of the room
piled with a thousand puzzle like pieces
that we had to break apart, and then
and having started this..  they all settled in for a nap
including my husband and I was left
with all the
bits toppling off the pallet
without the necessity of any dream-like analysis
I know this reflected my New Year’s Eve tradition
of standing bent over the table trying to piece together
the second of our holiday jigsaw puzzles
(and this one proving to be quite a challenge)
until I had completely stiffened up and far, far
past my bedtime
as to these particular friends, I am not sure
why they featured here
yet this morning I am thinking just how much
I did appreciate their kindness and generosity
(dream-like or not thank you Lori and Chicken)
a fine way to begin
this new day of the new year of a new
in the value of friends

this morning, as I am sat in my favourite spot
by the window
spent in my favourite way
reading and periodically gazing at birds
joined by my very favourite human, who also most fortunately happens to be
my lovely husband
randomly chatting away my usual
nonsense (as ways of garnering his attention)
I am watching gorgeously fluffed up little sparrows
softly muted in colour against the bark of the crab apple tree
the backdrop now a little more winter like in quality
I marvel at one little dear who I have spotted sitting on the thin stalk
of a long forgotten
wonder out loud, why he is sitting
so low
then rather shockingly, he suddenly
topples over
I watch for a minute as he struggles,
and I, releasing a muffled sort of oh.. bottom lip jutting out,
hands to heart, breath
and he
just there…  in the snow
my husband sort of laughs at my commentary,
of what is transpiring
until I say just how very
sad this is
see, to
and what a fine way to begin
this new day of the new year of a new
in a small significant loss
reminded of my own tender heart
and  how very much
is in our control

so here is what I want to say
to begin
this new day of the new year of a new
value life and all the tiny pieces it takes to make up
the whole
value the sun when it shines,
fresh air and vitality in all of its
value people, and friends
value kindness, generosity and
always, always, value love

and above all…
don’t miss the chance
and be grateful

we may not see this one
again ♥

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