Tamara Willems

isn’t it romantic…

that I should be so entranced by the very promise
of love
as to be wishing that someone, somewhere
would write for me
a love song, possibly just a few lines
that read like poetry, of longing
and admiration
of desperation and
to have someone enchanted enough
to say it in song
in a love song no less
as I
am a hopeless romantic and possibly just foolish enough
to be lulled by a gentle tune
isn’t it time for a good sweeping off of one’s
the dullness of a January day
couldn’t I do with the flash of desire in the eye
sparks around the room
admiring words not spoken before
the kind that start to tickle the
and the back of the neck
simple and

can I somehow send this out into the air
I am here, I am open
and I am wishing
couldn’t you possibly write me a love song
you of the song writing ilk
wouldn’t you please

interrupting my train of thought
he says to me,
after we’re done with the groceries
we should go for a walk

and I follow him out
slip my hand in his pocket
and hum myself
some kind of
tune  ♥

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