Tamara Willems

to the mechanics of coping…

So then here we are, three weeks or so
and how are we coping
as an indoor event?
It is weird to say the least,
scary for some
quite remarkable for others
how well people and things adapt to
awkward, unavoidable, unstoppable change
as someone who writes, to find oneself with nothing but
time, (although I do still have a family
all currently occupying much of each other’s
and funny, when most often we wish for nothing but
then, when it is suddenly unwillingly forced upon us
in the beginning, it feels harder to navigate
there is also the plain fact that when things go
and people start to gorge themselves on great helpings of
mass produced misinformation while
gobbling down great piles from the never ending news cycles
of fear
I myself
become a little
(I do not then sit to write, realizing that cynicism may not be a most charming attribute)
of course, I in no way ever suppose that I know all
and certainly appreciate that people cope in ways that
I find it much easier to centre myself in loving awareness
and calm
I simply cannot take on the madness of the world
when it swirls
refusing as I do to don a hair shirt for my own personal
and as is no real secret, *whispers*
I don’t much like someone telling me what to do
this is not to say I am not being sensible, or somewhat
adhering to recommendations
but I am certainly not following minute by minute
feeling the need to bluster and spout about what other people may
or may not be

the other morning as my husband and I are out for a walk
we find ourselves approaching a woman
in a power walk sort of stance
as we are just crossing a sometime busy road
I yield to let the woman bustle past
she slows her stride for a moment, turns around and calls to us
“thank you,  for stopping.. usually when I see one
it is usually me that has to stop and go around”
to which I sort of smiled
then as we walk away, I said to my husband
did she just say – when I see – ‘one’ –  ???
then shaking my head,  we really are in a zombie apocalypse…

it is a strange time,
all I wanted to say today is
how are you coping and I do hope
you Are

but also,
I do hope that in the midst of all this
we do not, even for a moment
lose our human-ness

because regardless of what it is that
works for you
panic, fear, gathering of facts and numbers
constant information
speculation from talking heads

or your own sort of gratitude
and ease
(rock and a hard place sort of thing)
quite possibly none of us has
the correct
we each can choose our salve

but all of us, regardless
have the ability
to offer kindness

to sit
or to stand
for a moment

to take a deep breath
and at the very least
to stay
to possibilities

this day,
or any day

Every day
and Spirit

May you be well ♥

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