Tamara Willems

when it matters, most…

It matters, I will tell you 
in how you  
when your mood for the day 
feels rather 
or is it now crunchy, as my daughters  
might say 
it matters in how you will get up 
to make your own coffee 
open a new book 
you may not be quite ready 
to delve 
probably not properly digested the last one 

sit down in your chair, by the window
unsure with this cloud cover 
if it feels nice enough  
to be sat 
it matters if today you are feeling 
kind of 
un-accomplished, unnecessary 
and quite unwilling to be bothered by anything 
in the ‘outside world’ 
where today your want is 
the gates up, and no trespassing sign 
it matters if today 
the new cat decides for some reason 
to poop upstairs in the boy’s room 
big dog decides to bark 
at little dog 
cats continue to hiss 
if morning meals require a referee to keep things 
and speakers in the kitchen keep cutting out 
the symphony 
begging me to take out my frustrations 
on the receiver 
which requires a slight push, but currently  
begs for a good  
smashing with a mallet! 

it matters if 
patience is thin 
allergies are high, and breathing  
once again 
is hard 
it matters this day then 
that you  
for a grumpy sort of day 
to feel it, to surrender 
not quite…  release it 
as equally it matters that you will 
take a few minutes 
fresh from the shower 
in front of the mirror, just to kindly see 
in soft lines of gratefully being 
to offer ease, kindness  
and love 
it matters too, that you have spaces around you 
outside spaces 
nurturing sort of spaces, where you quietly  
to look at beautiful things
by yourself
it matters here that you feed the birds 
feed the squirrels, the chipmunks 
and the fishes 
it matters that you watch a dragonfly, a  
butterfly and the bees 
fill the bird baths and watch a family of blue jays 
it matters that you do the laundry 
and the dishes 
do some writing, watch the clouds 
it matters that you sit 
that you  
and that you breathe 
(best you can) 
and some days, 
it matters 
that you keep this  
the kindness, the gentleness 
the love 
to yourself  

because there are days 
you’ll need it 
and that is when you’ll find 
it matters 

most  ♥

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