Tamara Willems

comfort in knowing…

I’m wondering just now, if I have forgotten
to tell you 
how very much I admire your strength 
and always  
how much you are willing to give
in your own 
gentle kind of way 
I wondered if I had said to you lately 
how much I appreciate 
the things you do, even when  
or most especially when, you don’t even realize 
you are  
doing it 
even the smallest things, with might

I wonder sometimes if I have said Thank you enough 
in ways that you can hear  
(when sometimes it might seem
your hearing is 
wondered still, if I have been able to  
find the right words 
to tell you 
how very much I am so often 
by your kindness 
and your heart

if perhaps I had mentioned 
how very wonderful it feels to really, 
like you 

and the comfort I feel,  
in your presence 

so that then  
should there come a time  
when we could not be together 
for a stretch 
or hadn’t possibly even seen each other in years 
(or ever) 
you would know 

how very much I do carry your dearness 
just here 
in the palm of my hand ♥

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