Tamara Willems

when morning has broken…

Sometimes, it is enough you know 
on a bright morning mid-August 
to stand for a time just 
ever so quietly 
looking up at the trees 
somewhat unknowingly in perfect peace 
and rhythm with each breath 
listen to the electric buzz of the grasshoppers 
occasional chirps from the crickets 
watch as the breeze tickles each needle  
on the spruce 
causing new pine cones to 
maples to dance and the mulberries to  
notice the sunlight stealing in through the fence 
the clear blue sky setting the tone for the day 
a morning dove’s
adding to the majesty
feel yourself smiling from the outside 
as the blue jays, high up in the tree 
call to each other in raucous voices that the morning’s spoils 
have been  
when the psithurism of whispering breeze through the leaves 
feels to be gathering around  
encircling you in a loving kindness 
where you will stand in awe 
watching, so many different kinds of bees 
in shapes and size and 
busying themselves in the flowers 
each carrying so much pollen on their legs 
you will wonder,  
how they fly 
the growing rattle of the cicada signifies  
another gorgeous scorcher of a day  
is unfolding 
again looking up at the vast expansion  
of blue above,

you rest for a time in this 

regardless of what this day brings 
right here, right now 
to have graciously enjoyed the gentle beauty 
of such a morning 
as this

feet on the ground 
eyes, ears, heart wide open… 
you have kissed the earth 
with each breath 
and suitably given thanks 
for this day ♥

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