Tamara Willems

sometime in the night…

and so it begins…

One of many mornings to come,
when I will exclaim to my husband
or really,
to the day
in my froggy morning voice

What fresh hell is this…
(deep bow
to Dorothy Parker)

somehow overnight the world outside my window
turned into
a winter wonderland
November 1st and most unceremoniously
or rather
quite quietly in the night
winter gathered in

and not just a light dusting, a few errant
that melt upon contact (as one had been expecting)
no,  a complete billowy, marshmallow-y
piling up of what turns out to be…

a sort of
beautiful display

of wintery white

and it hasn’t stopped

Come here, let me whisper
in your ear

get up, go out…

and find something

beautiful ♥

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