Tamara Willems

Ok, let me tell you a little something
first you may know, I happen to Love
my birthday
as I believe it is always important for everyone to
at some time
just a little extra-special

so yesterday, (my day!) I went to work, as usual
and was greeted (thanks to my dear friend)
by a chorus of Happy Birthdays!
where I work it is the birthday person who is responsible
for bringing in the treats
so I spent the day before preparing some extra-special
delicious things: pecan pie bars and butterscotch squares
to take in to my co-workers
to make the day
(a gift)

came home quite chilled, and rather tired
but with a sweet surprise
from a dear heart

when I came home, lovely husband had left a few special things
on the table
but the house…  was otherwise
everyone else was at work

later my son came home,
and I made him dinner,
washed the dishes
then,  sat down with a bowl of soup
in front of the hockey game


that was my birthday.

Now, why am I telling you all of this
because this is not ever a tale
of how this life may be better than that
of perfection, or

is just life
it’s all in how you celebrate it

and this life

is just the way
I like it ♥

May you find ways of recognizing your good fortune
May you encounter good will and May you be
of good health
May you walk gently on this good earth
Open yourself up to a surrounding of loving kindness
and release the need for worry

May you be safe
May you be well
May you be loving

and above all

May you be kind -^-

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