Tamara Willems

signs of intelligent life…

One of my favourite programs to watch on tv
is Jeopardy
not because I think I am so smart
rather because I know
I am
(but I can learn)
in fact my oldest son as a toddler
would wander around the house
yelling out answers in gibberish, before he could talk
(proud mom)
a favourite story of my children growing up is,
when the attacks of 9/11 on the US occurred
and I had little ones in school
the school boards sent home letters for concerned parents
on how to talk to your children about their and your,
possible anxieties
as all media outlets were on constant,
walking home from school, my son
said to me
Mom, what are we gonna do?
again later,  after dinner,  with some anxiousness
he said to me,
Mom, what are we gonna do???
I paused, thought best how to answer and explain,
what was happening, to not scare,
but to
that we would be ok here, that we were not in any danger
in slight frustration,  he said to me
No Mom,
what are we gonna do …  about Jeopardy!?!

this always puts things in perspective for me,
that of course even though we do need to eat,
we are not required to only consume
that which we have been

I am currently reading a book recommended to me by
Bill Gates
(yes, just another one of my book buddies)
who billed it as, “my new favorite book of all time”
had me easily hooked
not because I think I am so smart
rather because I know
I am
(but I can learn)
the book is a hefty tome
whose intellectual depth may at first glance
seem quite beyond me
but it is also rather enthralling and quite an interesting read
and really Steven Pinker
you had me at
enlighten… ment

on another note,
the robins have arrived in full force
as today marks the very hopeful, very blissful
very much
first day of spring
and regardless of what the day brings from here on in,
right now I am basking in the sunshine
revival, renewal
and readying myself for
re-visiting the ever changing landscapes
life ♥


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