Tamara Willems

sunshiny, cloudy kinda day…

The day starts
with the pacing of the dog holding tight to his bear
an early morning thunderstorm, proves to be a real cracker
and has upset him terribly
my husband already up and gone, one son soon to follow
it is me then,
for comfort
which calls for a quiet sit and a
I have this morning just finished the book, I was
reading, and it feels as if it has just been 600 pages of
the loveliest chat, with the kindest
of hearts
whose words so very often have echoed my
I feel somehow as if I
am walking,  in the right

outside the sunshine and the clouds are taking turns
to see just who can make me look up
with a soft smile of gratitude
more often (the sun almost always wins)
then the wind rushes in to tousle my hair
tickle my nose
the starlings are making such a ruckus in the garden
snatching large hunks from a fresh suet cake
and bossing each other about, I decide instead to take the suet in
until I can see some better manners
true, I am not their Mother, but I .. bring the cakes!

the heavy humidity of this day feels like it may warrant
a gentler chorus
one of the first things I notice when I step out
is that the air is heavenly scented
the lilacs, the apple blossoms and the wisteria just beginning
all catching the breeze
I am thrilled by this, as my sense of smell has been much impaired
of late
another result of allergies or a shifting in hormones
some sort of imbalance, I am not certain, 
but it has been rather troubling to me
to not pick up on delicate tones
have my senses .. keen
so this morning, even for a brief few minutes
it is
one more thing not to be taken for granted
I suppose

I watch a gorgeous oriole flashing his brilliant orange belly
in my direction, and a couple of large bumbles
gathering sweetness from the flowers
a butterfly comes to land on my chest, my
tummy and my thigh
and I hope she finds me tasting
just as sweet
momentarily I pick up the shovel
eye up the edging that needs doing
then a greyer bit of cloud sails across
encouraging me to sit and converse
with the fish

the darling little wren has much news to share
and insists on telling it all at once
so I do what I can to take it all in
I am happy when the dove arrives
(once named Kevin) he and I can just nod
for a shared affection
the cardinal and the wren work up a little harmony
to accompany the breeze
as the sun makes my eyes close and my smile
the toad starts to sing
seems like a good day for writing love notes
I say to my gang
and so I begin with this,

today,  wherever you are
I do hope that the sun
gently kisses your

that someone in your day
makes you

and that
a sight
a scent
or the softest touch
in some way, reminds you

and to… love

at the very least my friends,
(even now as the rumbles once again close in)

at the very
enjoy this day    

and may you, dear one
be gratitude ♥

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